Lollybox FAQs

Thank you for taking time to read over the following “Frequently Asked Questions” for Lollybox.
Lollybox is designed to be easily used and has been successfully helping our clients lower the cost of their first time insurance.

Wherever the following words or expressions appear they have the meaning given here.

Data – information we collect about you including personal details and your driving behaviour and the driving behaviour of anyone who drives your car. This will include information such as date, time, location, duration, speed and distance for each journey where the telematics device used in your car is switched on. We will collect, process and retain your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and our policies on data retention. Driving data relating specifically to you or any other user of your car will not be retained by us for longer than three years.   

Self-installed device – the telematics device, supplied to you and to be fitted onto the front windscreen of your car that collects and transmits data.

Suppliers – companies we work with which provide telematics devices which collect and transmit data when switched on, and analyse that data on our behalf and transmit data to us.


You, Your – our customer or prospective customer.

Your car – the car in which the self-installed device is fitted and which is insured under the policy arranged through us.

  • What is Lollybox?

    Lollybox is a telematics box based insurance policy designed to help assist first time drivers by offering an upfront discounted rate on your car insurance cover. This discounted rate has been agreed with a panel of insurers, who have made a consideration on the premium against the use of the Lollybox.

    These Terms and Conditions apply to your participation and by purchasing this insurance you agree to these, these conditions are in addition to our standard terms of business, a copy of which has also been supplied.
    You must ensure that anyone who uses your car has also read and accepted these Terms and Conditions as their data will also be collected and transmitted to us while this insurance remains in force.

  • How do I fit the Lollybox?

    Within 7 days of the delivery to your address of the self-installed device, you must install it in your car and supply us with a satisfactory photograph showing the installed device and your car’s registration number plate. Installation is easy! The Lollybox is only the size of a mobile phone, so it can be placed on the inside of your windscreen.

    You will receive detailed installation instructions which must be followed to ensure that the device is operating and transmitting data correctly (installation is simple and is likely to take no more than 5 minutes).

  • What happens if I lose, damage or remove the Lollybox?

    If the self-installed device is tampered with, damaged, removed or lost, then we reserve the right to charge you £75.00 for a replacement device, or to amend or cancel your policy as appropriate.

    If you sell or otherwise dispose of your car, you must inform us immediately and before the new keeper takes possession, in order that we can arrange for the self-installed device to stop collecting data.  We will also inform you what to do with the device. If for any reason this does not happen, you must inform the new keeper of the vehicle that a telematics device has been installed and that telematics data will still be collected.

    We cannot accept liability for damage to your car or any or any loss caused by your installation of a self-installed device.

  • What data does Lollybox use?

    Once the self-installed device has been activated, it will record and analyse data about the driving behaviour of you and anyone else who drives your car. We and our suppliers will collect, process and store this information securely, ensuring that it is protected in line with industry best practice and our legal and regulatory requirements.

    The self-installed device will capture and send your specific location, direction and speed (amongst other factors) at frequent intervals to the supplier’s server and we will use the information to understand various aspects relating to your journey. This information will be used to build up a profile of how, where and when your car is driven.

    You will have access to this data online at all times (subject to systems malfunctions) while the insurance is in force.

  • How does Lollybox use this data?

    We, your insurer and our suppliers will use the data from the self-installed device for the purpose of assessing the driving behaviour of you and anyone else who drives your car in order to:
    •    help to determine or corroborate the circumstances of a claim, loss or theft;
    •    help prevent and detect fraud;
    •    tailor your premium at renewal;
    •    develop, along with data collected from other policyholders, products and services.

    Your data will be handled and used along with information you have provided & may in future provide in connection with your insurance and by taking out this insurance you have agreed to this. AB&C Insurance will act as the Data Controller, Your Insurers and Tracker will act as Data Processors.  

    In addition your data may be supplied to other parties such as regulators, police, courts, but only to the extent that we are required to do so by law or regulation.  We will not otherwise supply any data to such other parties (e.g.we do not inform them if you exceed a speed limit).
    If we share data with any other person or body, it will be made anonymous and we will not release any information which identifies you.
    If we are unable to collect the required data for a period of time, due to your fault, we will tell you and indicate what corrective action we require from you and by when, to allow you to resolve this issue.

    If we are unable to collect the required data for a period of time due to our or our supplier’s fault, then we will consider that the missing data was similar to that for the immediately preceding equivalent period of time.
    As we cannot know who you may allow to drive your car, it is your responsibility to ensure that all other drivers of your car are aware of this collection and use of dataYou should show these Terms & Conditions, before they use your car, to anyone whose data will be recorded by the self-installed device.

    The information collected by the self-installed device will be transmitted to our suppliers and will also be used by them for research and analytical purposes, both during the active period of the device and after your use of the device has ceased. Any information that our supplier shares with third parties will be made anonymous and will not contain any of your personal information. This will prevent data or results being directly linked to you.
    While the self-installed device remains active, our supplier will use data collected for research purposes and you will be able to access your driving data for as long the device is active.

  • Claims

    In the event that the self-installed device registers an impact, you will be contacted by us or the insurer to collect details of the incident.

    You remain responsible for promptly reporting any incident which may result in an insurance claim.

  • Cancellation / Expiry

    If you wish to cancel your insurance linked to the use of the self-installed device, you must inform us in accordance with the instructions supplied previously and/or set out in your insurance policy. We will then either remove your discount, or arrange other insurance, or all insurance will cease, as appropriate.
    You will then be responsible for returning the self-installed device in the envelope we will provide.
    We will stop collecting data from the self-installed device within 14 working days of cancellation. If you do not inform us as above, the device will continue to collect data and send it to us;
    If you sell or otherwise dispose of your car but wish to remain insured through us under the same insurance policy, you must transfer the self-installed device to your new car (we will provide instructions on how to do this).  Do not pass the self-installed device on to the new owner of the car.

    If you do not renew this telematics-based insurance policy, you will be responsible for returning the self-installed device in the envelope we will provide.
    If we cancel the policy as a result of a red or three yellow flags within a 12 month period, (see driver scoring and assessment below), this will be communicated in writing by means of a seven day recorded delivery letter.

  • Your responsibilities

    You must not tamper or interfere with the self-installed device or your insurance may be cancelled.

    If you do not correctly install and use the self-installed device supplied to you, then any discount that may have applied to your insurance may be removed.

  • How do I see my scores?

    You will be able to access your data online using a username and password which will be supplied to you alone. If you allow anyone else to use the username and password, you accept that they will be able to view the data collected by the self-installed device.
    Information on how to access your data will be sent to you via email. You have the right to see the information we hold about you through a Subject Access Request - if you would like a copy of your information, please write to The Data Protection Officer at the address shown below, quoting your policy reference. A fee will be payable.

  • Charge and Discount

    An initial non-refundable charge of £160 is made in addition to the insurance premium to cover the costs of supplying the self-installed device to you and processing the data it records for up to one year.  This charge is inclusive of VAT and a separate invoice giving the breakdown is provided. No refund of this charge will be made unless the insurance is cancelled before it starts or during its 14-day “cooling off” period and the self-installed device is returned undamaged in its original packaging, in which case a refund of 80% of the charge will be given.

    will receive a discount upfront from the normal insurance premium for correctly using the self-installed device. At renewal of the insurance your premium will be assessed and may go up or down depending on various factors, including your data; a modest charge will also be payable for processing the data it records for a further year.

  • Can I add other Drivers to my policy?

    The self-installed device transmits data regardless of who is driving.  It is your responsibility to inform any other driver of your car that data relating to their driving will be recorded, transmitted and analysed while the self-installed device is active.
    It is also the case that data from other drivers’ journeys in your car will form part of the data analysed in relation to your insurance policy.

  • Is there Driver assessment and scoring?

    Information from your device will be regularly reviewed and driving scores used to issue yellow and red flags, these flags will have an important impact on your Insurance policy and the premium you pay, please see below for details.
    Yellow Flag:
    Average driving score (excluding braking) below 45
    Red Flag:
    Driving over 95 miles per hour at any time
    Average driving score below 20

  • What are the consequences of flags?

    One Yellow Flag – a warning will be issued
    Second Yellow Flag (within six months of issue of First Yellow Flag) - an additional premium of 7.5% of the annual premium will be charged.
    Third Yellow Flag (within six months of issue of Second Yellow Flag) – policy will be cancelled
    In respect of the yellow flags above after the passing of a six month period, without any further flags being issued, we will treat this as if the flag has expired.

    Consequences of a Red Flag:

    One Red Flag - Policy cancelled

  • How to complain

    We hope you will be entirely happy with all aspects of this telematics-based motor insurance.  However, should you have any reason to complain, please contact us as shown below (further details about us and our complaints process are shown in our Welcome to document.

    If you have a problem relating to a service provided by your insurer, eg in connection with a claim, please contact them (as shown in your policy documents), or let us know and we will assist where we can.